Friday, December 28, 2012

In Between Homes

We officially moved out of Tennessee. I recently attempted to update my Facebook location as "homeless in America" but go figure, FB did not recognized my silly attempt at humor.  This is our 10th move in our 13 years of marriage. They are not getting any easier, if I must say, they actually seem to be getting harder.  3 kids now, means more furniture, more piles of messes and clutter, more to pack, donate, and junk.  I'm glad that the moving "out" part is over and I anxiously anticipate the moving "in" part at our new home in Hawaii.  But for now, I shall relish in my time at home with my parents and the daily visits of my younger brother.  Tomorrow, we embark on our new journey. A 14 hour traveling day with an 8 year old, 7 year old and rambunctious 2 year old. Should be fun! I look forward to sharing our adventures in Hawaii with all of you. I am a photo whore, so brace yourselves.

I am anxious to get to Hawaii and start feeling settled again. At least settled enough to be able to be creative again in more than just my sketchbook.  While here in New England for the holidays, my father gave me a nice instruction to watercolors. I cannot wait to explore the possibilities with this new medium, learn new techniques and create! I do miss my sewing machine(s!) and look forward to being reunited with them again.  And I most definitely look forward to finding some cool beachy bead shops and make some jewelry.  I have a little bit of ADD, so many things that I want to do and it's hard to just focus on one thing. Sometimes I feel like "Incredible Ned" by Bill Maynard when he says:

                           The art teacher smiled. She could understand Ned.
                      And she knew why those things had shown over his head.
                       “Ned’s an artist, she said. “That’s what Ned’s all about.
                      When your head’s full of pictures, they have to come out.”

Just like my head, my post today is scattered with random thoughts and musings.

So I will leave you with the things I cannot wait to dive into:
  • unpacking our suitcases once and for all.
  • basking in the warm sun that Hawaii will bless us with
  • uploading my pictures from my Canon Rebel and doing some photo editing
  • learning how to print out my artwork to sell on Etsy
  • bead, charm shopping in Hawaii
  • getting my sewing machine back so I can do some textile art that I can picture in my head
  • learning and practicing my hand at watercoloring
  • decorating the kiddos bedrooms (again!)
  • making some beach and warm weather inspired jewelry. Who doesn't love a splash of turquoise in the middle of a cold long winter day
  • seeing "our" new home
  • Creating a new blog, learning how to make it looks whimsical and pretty like so many of the blogs that I highly admire look and creating meaningful, fun and dreamy tutorials to share.
Until then my friends, stay warm and Happy New Year to you and your families.