Sunday, June 12, 2016

A lampshade makeover

I needed a pick me up today, walked into my sewing room and had an "uh-ha" moment. My old sun bleached lamp shade needed a makeover.

With 2 different fabrics (for the lining and exterior) needle and thread, a hot glue gun and my handy sewing machine I was able to whip up a new lampshade to make my room a little cozier and chic.  It's by no means perfect but perfect enough for me (for now!)  I seem to be on a roll with making old things new lately.  Last week it was repainting and adding decal accents to my 15+ year old Kitchenaide mixer! I saw a DIY tutorial for the kitchenaid mixer here.

Now for my new lamp, out with the old:

Basically, all I did was remove the fabric from the shade, used both the lining and exterior as my "pattern", made a binding strips and reassembled my new shade. Take a look at my photos and scroll to the bottom to see the finished product.

I used these pieces to create my own pattern for the new shade.

I labeled the binding strips so I new which was which when I needed to go make new binding strips.

A little bit of sewing both by machine and hand (to help keep the shade in place before hot gluing):

Lined up my bias tape before gluing it down:

And then just started gluing all the way around.

I couldn't wait to admire the finished product, now I'll have to look around the house to see what other shades I can recover for a new look to the room!