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List of Etsy Treasuries I've created

 "It's all in the Flower

A flower can brighten a gloomy day, put a smile on a grumpy face, renew the soul, open the senses. I've compiled a treasury of some eye catching, chic, feminine, floral filled pieces! Enjoy!

"Rain, rain, Go Away!"

We've all heard of the saying "April Showers Bring May Flowers" by why wait until May, here are some very cute, very spring-ish, and ever so creative items to make those April showers feel, well, not so gloomy.

"For the Love of Natural!"
Natural forms, colors of nature, earthy greens, warm browns, soft movements, they are all so appealing to the eye. So serene. So natural. A breath of fresh air in this fast paced life full of bright lights, loud noises and fog of pollution.

Everyone loves a little bit of jersey knit. There is something so inviting, soft, and cozy whether it's a scarf, a shirt, accentuating a bag, it's fun, breezy, and supple. 

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