Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bento Box Adventures continued

I must admit, I'm quite enthralled with the lunch process these days. So much so that I told hubs he will not be getting his normal sandwich everyday...instead, he'll take part in my bento box craze too.  Tomorrow's lunch, you ask?  Teriyaki meatballs (combination of ground beef and ground chicken along with spices, cut veggies and egg), sweet potatoes (cut into shapes for the girls, mashed leftover shapes for hubs), and rice with nori seasoning. I'm quite excited about the meatballs. While we were in Japan, the girls and I were obsessed with the meatballs at the little supermarket down the street called Lala.  I never knew exactly what kind of meatballs they were, and until tonight, I was never able to make them but I finally found the recipe and they are delicious! The extra's made their way to our dinner table along with crockpot chili.

The second layer of food was cut veggies for M, cut fruit for V and a salad for hubs.

I used metal mini cookie cutters for the sweet potato shapes. I found the cookie cutters at Executive Chef in downtown Kailua.

On the sewing front, I have completed a few projects and I am in the middle of a new project, a tote for a sew-ist.  The exterior is complete but now I'll need to figure out and piece together the interior with enough pockets for thread, scissors and a pattern perhaps.  I used an adorable Japanese fabric.

Another outlet of creativity lately, has been art on fabric. I finished up a semi "repeating" pattern fabric which I turned into a young girls bag.  And the candy skulls have been a big hit as well.

Miss Foxy!

I have a few more projects up my sleeves, hopefully in time for the holiday season. I'll come back to share when everything is complete.  

Until then, if you have any bento box recipes you want to share, please comment! I would love to have more variety :)

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