Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birthday Prep, Series 1, Part 2 Heart Garland Tutorial

I made a heart garland last year, decorated with it for my oldest daughter's birthday and then moved it to her bedroom as a whimsical touch. Both my girls have since moved into the same room, rearranged their furniture a countless number of times and the sweet garland finally fell apart.  In preparation for the birthday party, I decided to make another heart garland. This time, I used several different colors and I made the hearts all different shapes.  Sorry for my grainy pictures, Paradise does deliver it fair share of gloomy, dreary and rainy days which are never optimal for picture taking!

I used about 4 sheets for Felt, purchased a whole package (x2!!!) but I know I'll put the rest of the felt to good use eventually.  I still want to make a Happy Birthday garland and my little guy asked if I could make him a green circle garland for his bedroom.

I started cutting hearts by folding the felt sheets in half and doing it the good old elementary school way! I cut enough hearts to fill up the length (and then a small bit more) of our 108" sliding door.

You can hand stitch the hearts together in whatever pattern (or non pattern for my project) I would recommend using embroidery floss.  But, I did this the quick and easy way and just straight stitched them all together on my Bernina machine.

And your garland is complete! I'll have to keep this one safe until the birthday girl's party!

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