Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Super Small piecing fun

As promised! I've been working on some more patterns.  I love the "bean pot" block from the "Civil War Legacies Quilt Patterns for Reproduction Fabrics" book by Carol Hopkins.  But i wanted to add a little twist to an already small block. So I changed out the center solid square with a paper pieced star that I came up with.  I'll add the free pattern for the star here.

I only made 3 mistakes, not carefully placing my fabric on the correct side of the line and then using the wrong color 2 times.  Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with how everything matched up.  It's funny how such a little block (finished size was about 2" square) can take a while to put together.  Though, I do enjoy the almost certainty that my points will meet perfection with paper piecing.

Enjoy! If you make one, please feel free to share, of if you have recommendations on tweaking, let me know too. I'm new to this pattern making stuff.


  1. you caught a falling star!
    my, it is so tiny!!
    i think you are doing so fine with your piecing.
    i love stars too and just had to put four of them in my latest mango houses quilt top which not ready yet as now i need to paint up more mango color fabric!
    be well!

  2. I look forward to attempting this in the near future. I've only dabbled in paper piecing myself, but you're right, it is so rewarding to see the nice crisp points!

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