Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sew on a roll

I'll have to admit that ever since I set up my sewing wonderland, I've been on a roll with knocking out projects on my list.  Just last week my daughters lunch bag went through the dryer and melted.  I wont name any names on who may or may not have sent that through (can't nag my hubs when he actually does the laundry) so that was one of my top priorities.  On one of my Japanese fabric adventures, in a small hidden nook of the store, i found this insanely adorable pug fabric.  Pugs, especially if they are dancing, are not things to be passed up.  So I just winged this pattern and put together this cute lunch bag for her.  It disappeared last night and I asked her what happened to it. You know it's always a compliment when your child tells you it was "too awesome" to just leave in the kitchen. She wanted to decorate her room with it.

These adorable Japanese fabrics are just killing me. I adore them all. After I found the dancing pugs I saw an email come through from fabricworm that they just got in new Japanese fabrics. This particular fabric was on that list and I added  a yard or so to my cart knowing that it was a much better deal online that I paid in the stores, even with the dollar/yen exchange.  But I never did complete the purchase. After posting a picture of it on Instagram and having people ask where they could find that fabric, I discovered that it's sold out. I'll be on the lookout for more pugs.

Today I knocked out a few more projects that have been on my list and they are these queen sized pillowcases.  I'll admit, I have NEVER made a pillowcase so each one I tried a different method and I'll have to say that the method that came out the best was this pillowcase using the "Spellbound" line from Cotton and Steel.  I'm in love and I hope they are just as loved when they go to their new home half way around the world.

Along with Spellbound there is Alice in Wonderland by Lecien and Snoopy & Friends.

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