Sunday, January 24, 2016

Valentine Quilt and String Cushions

I've been having so much fun with some very colorful projects.  I came across a V and Co. quilt that I just had to make, it's called "I heart You" quilt and it can be found here. It's a beautiful, easy quilt. I'm very used to working with patterned fabrics, I tend toward them quite a bit actually so using just solids is different for me and I actually kind of love it. I still haven' decided whether to make this a wall hanging or a throw quilt (and possibly a twin quilt if I stray from the pattern.)  My youngest daughter seems to have taking claim to it already and suggest a "thrown" quilt, I like the sounds of that! I'm half way through the heart. I misread the amount of squares and HST so it's back to the cutting board today.  

In between piecing all the fantastically pink HST, I made a string quilt pincushion. I am really fascinated by it.  What a great way to bust the stash of scraps.  Sometimes throwing in a fun, quick and cute little project that can be completed in one sitting, it just the right renewal to keep chugging along on a more time consuming project.  

And finally, we went out the other night and I found these magnets that I just could not pass up.  How perfect are they for a sewing room?  


  1. The lampshade is adorable! My neighbor made one for me along with matchingplacemats and napkins for use on my front porch. I was afraid to use them on the porch.......I treasure them.

  2. Thank you, Donna! What a lovely and thoughtful gift. I love that just changing out a lampshade can give a room (or porch!) a different feel.