Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Inspiration, Awe-magination

WOW, can I just say every day here in Hawaii is inspirational. I don't think I can stress it enough just how amazing this place is. I think I found where I want to retire. I always thought the perfect place to live would be somewhere with huge mountains and ocean views, this has it all. Not to mention the bold colors and warmer all year temperatures.

     When we first got orders to Hawaii, I wondered how I could feel about not seeing that first snow fall of the winter, cozying up with a cup of hot drink and a soft blanket (who are we kidding, with 3 kids that hardly happened anyway) but last week, as we strolled the beach at Pyramid beach, I thought, "Heck No, I am not going to miss the snow."  If the area was such that it got gray in the winter and lost the luscious colors, I long for snow for a change of pace and so everything looks new again.  But here, the colors stay green year round and the ocean with it's ever changing form is literally 10 minutes from home.  I told Bryce that I don't think I will miss the snow at all while we are here!

     Inspiration abounds here so, needless to say, I have been busy creating watercolors, sketches, and bracelets. Sunsets, inspirational. Ocean waves, inspirational. Rainy clouds, inspirational. Mountain backgrounds, inspirational. Flowers all around, inspirational. I feel completely blessed to have this opportunity to experience the most beautiful place on earth.

      I will be honest though, I do miss my "stuff" and I look forward to when it arrives here in Hawaii so I can make this house feel like our home.  I look forward to setting up each of the children's bedrooms. Cooking a proper meal with all my regular kitchen gadgets. Getting my big computer so I can upload, edit and share some of the amazing photos I have taken with my regular camera and not just these low quality phone pictures.

     In the process of getting settled here, I have had a couple of downs. Bryce is off to classes so the kids and I are here exploring without him. I lost a friend to petty online business stuff, which I don't want to get in to but it has bothered me deeply for a couple of months now and i finally cut the tie. All I will say about it is she has gone beyond the "inspired" mark and when it comes to being creative, I don't want a negative energy to envelop me, which is what this "friendship" was doing to me.

     And I've discovered that I am incredibly skiddish around creatures that are maybe 1,000 times smaller than me.  Yes...geckos and roaches are not my idea of indoor pets but for some reason, here in Hawaii they feel like I want them as my own personal pets.  But I tell you, they will not stop me from open every window of this house and enjoying the trade-winds that blow through.

North Shore Beach
     I anxiously await my Mom's arrival next week. I can't wait to show her this slice of Paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

     So from here on out, only positives! Good energy, good thoughts, pure inspiration and art.

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