Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rainbows and Sunshine

We're going on week 2 in paradise. It's been raining a whole lot and very windy, but even with "Rainbow Season" (thank you Ellen!) I'm enjoying our time here immensely.  Today the day started out overcast on one side of the house, almost clear on the other side of the house. I walked the girls to school and suddenly the clouds opened up and dumped a whole bunch of plant food on us (I mean rain) and off in the distance a beautiful, completely full rainbow greeted my walk home. It was lovely.

Reluctantly this week, I had to get back into the workout grind. So mustering up all my will power, I put out my yoga mat 2 days in a row and got to sweat my butt of to Jillian's Biggest Loser workout and her 30 day shred workout. I need to get a "beach body" to fit in around here, I'm far from having one. LOL.   Luckily, the sun was still shining when I finished up today so Fletch and I took a dip in the not so warm pool. I let him splash around for a bit as I took in a bit more sunshine before the clouds decided to hug her away again.

So now, we have several more hours ahead of us before the girls get home from school. I do miss my creative supplies but I am happy I at least have a couple of sketch books and pens/pencils with me.  I have been on Pinterest far too much the past few days building up my "inspiration" files. If you want to follow along, here is my link: http://pinterest.com/quatapoch/pins/

My girls started at their new schools yesterday. They were both pretty much happy when they got home yesterday. It was certainly cute to see them walking home together. And so fun to be near enough to school that they get to experience something I did when I was younger instead of constantly being a bus rider. I was a little uncertain about Mia's teacher but it turns out she was very sweet and very friendly and Mia was truly happy when she got home.  She said she made a friend which put my mind at ease.  Vera too was happy, but she did tell me her teacher yells (could be that she just speaks loudly and it's something she will need to get used to) she has to sit next to 2 boys at lunch because lunch is by last name now, not by class.  She said her spelling words are easy but we might have a little bit of work to do with math because they started division in her class already and so far, she is only used to multiplication.  Hopefully today is an even better day for them. I'm truly proud of them, they have been such troopers with all of our moves, having to make new friends and getting used to new schools.  They have been adapting nicely with each adventure they are presented and we haven't had too many emotional meltdowns.

Now, to work on potty training with the little guy so maybe he can go to preschool a few days a week. I know this is going to be a challenge because so far, there is absolutely NO interest. By this age, the girls were both potty trained. I can say for sure, raising a boy is SO different than raising girls.

Well...I am going to end here. I want to sit and "color" with Fletcher before lunch and nap time. Until next time, stay creatively happy!

here we are at sunset beach in the North Shore, waves were HUGE!

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