Monday, February 3, 2014

Fiber arts

Not much to say today, other than it feels good to get a little sewing in while the clouds let loose and water our trees and flowers.  Little guy spent some time with his friend this morning which allowed me the opportunity to finish up another seahorse and take better pictures than an iPhone will allow.

These creatures are all probably going on bags/totes but I'm thinking of making some to put on headbands.  How unique would that be?

I love how the black free motion stitching makes the creatures pop.  The color is fun to figure out but it's the stitching that really brings everything together.  I even enjoy looking on the otherside of each creature as the stitching without color remind me of many wonderful tangled drawings/illustrations I admire.

I'll post again when the creatures find their new homes, be it on what it may, bags, pouches or headbands! Have a wonderfully creative day!

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