Saturday, February 15, 2014

Last of the Party Preps, today is the big day!

I finally finished the last of the party preps today, a tower of cupcakes with toothpicks covered in washi tape formed into flags.   An imperfect chocolate birthday cake covered in icing and perfect M&M's thanks to Pinterest and this wonderful blog of ideas from Sweet Ideas Blog (though hers is MUCH more gorgeous, I love the pastel colors she used).  And finally some marshmallows smothered in melted white chocolate and adorned with heart sprinkles, idea from Glorious Treats!

The real test starts in 1 more hour, here's hoping the girls have a lot of fun and the treats all taste yummy.

Art themed Birthday Party

Marshmallows dipped and sprinkled, funny face photo props!

Imperfect chocolate cake with perfect M&M's

The paints and flowers

The cupcake tower!

Marshmallows in a mason jar filled with conversational hearts.  

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