Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hubs Boxer Shorts Knock Off for girls - UPDATED

I've been MIA lately but for good reason. May was filled with lots of visitors and very little creative time.  Between visitors and end of the year school events to prepare for, my creative juices were a bit depleted. But, June is a new month and I feel the creative juices, inspirations stirring around in my little brain.

I have a t-shirt blanket to finish up. Finally got the rest of the supplies I needed and I anticipate being able to sit down this afternoon and spend a few hours working on that blanket some more. Yesterday, I taught myself how to put grommets on bags and I made 2 drawstring bags that I absolutely adore. And this morning, well, I wanted a pair of shorts. In a haste one night to get dinner started but having just spilled something on the skirt I was wearing I grabbed the first thing I found clean in the dryer and it was a pair of my husbands Lucky Brand boxer shorts. I loved the bagginess of them and how absolutely comfortable they were.  I haven't been able to find any shorts at the store that I like so I though, why not try to recreate the boxer shorts in a girly fabric for myself. I'm bummed because I didn't get the sizing right but don't think that's the end of my trying! I will try again. They turned out super cute and I really want a pair for me.

So without further ado, here is my mini tut of hubs boxer short knock-offs!

The inspiration, a pair of Lucky Brand men's boxer shorts

Turned hubby's boxers inside out and created a pattern, cut 2x front and backed, stitched the sides together
With right sides together, I stitched the crotch seam
Realizing that the waist was way off, I cut the top off and sketched a new pattern for next time
I measured the waist, x2 and added about another 2 inches. This is probably where I am going to have to rework my pattern.

Added the waist band, left a small opening for the elastic
The final product, they are so cute. I'm so bummed that they don't fit!!
Do you have any tips on sizing for me? I'd love to hear if you do. Until next time, which hopefully wont be as long as last time!


I figured out what I did wrong. I tapered the waist/hips and i should not have done that. I should have just made a straight line up. 2nd attempt a success. Flower pattern on a not so small butt, not successful. But hey, at least I have a pair of comfy shorts for around the house or as a quick bathing suit cover up for the beach.

2nd attempt, I made the lines straight up instead of curved. THAT was my mistake the first time around.

Need a smaller butt to pull off the flowers, but comfortable around the house nonetheless.

♡ ąℓexąnʠяą

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