Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Vacation and some art fun

I don't know about you, but here in Hawaii the children has been on summer vacation now going on week 2. The first week we had Grandma visiting but this week the kiddos and I are on our own. So, I have decided one way we'll fill up the days are with art projects. Yesterday, we started 2. The first was air drying clay sculpting. The girls came up with some Father's Day gifts. They have been drying overnight and we'll start decorating their creations with paint either today or tomorrow. The 2nd art project was courtesy of my ever favorite Pinterest.  It includes glue, black paint and watercolors and the end product are some very funky, colorful, modern art to be framed and displayed. I am in love with how their pieces are turning out thus far.

3/4 filled glue bottle, mix with black paint and let the kiddos squirt designs on a nice big piece of watercolor paper

Allow the black paint/glue mixture to dry several hours and then start having fun with watercolors!

my little guy, he's 3 yrs old, he and I worked on this one together

Her's is starting to remind me of a funky sea turtle, do you see it? 

As far as on the sewing front, I've started a very involved project of figuring out how to make a decent, cute camera bag. So far, the insert is almost finished but I'm thinking it's kind of big and bulky, we'll see! Also bought some Hawaiian fabrics and made a cutesy table covering for our patio table.  So, I haven't just been sitting around waiting for inspiration to knock, we've been quite inspired and busy creating. Hope you are too!

♡ ąℓexąnʠяą

recently finished this t-shirt blanket

My first ever attempt at a camera bag, insert almost complete

cutesy Hawaiian table covering

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