Saturday, April 6, 2013

A circle cutout

Needed to sew this morning! Hubs was off at a 8K race, and the kiddos were playing with their things so I pulled out some chevron knit fabric, my ruler and scissors and cut out a couple of circles, one for the waist one for the length and turned my piece of knit fabric into a fun circle skirt for Miss M.

This is such a simple skirt to make and it is a true twirl skirt. Any ballerina would love to have this as part of her wardrobe.

 The circles...

 The true twirl test!

In other creative news. Miss V wanted to be creative yesterday. She really wants this beanie boo called Safari. Safari is a plush 16" giraffe. She thought that if she made Safari a bed, we would be inclined to purchase it for her.  We are still holding off until all the chores get done though.  But I admire her creativity. Boxes are fun for hiding and fort building but they are also fun to cut apart and repurpose, even for a stuffed creatures bed.


And finally, Miss V had her open market at school. She went loaded with homemade goods and sold every piece she brought.  She was excited to be so successful and yet sad that someone of the stuff she really liked (i.e. the fabric box and wallet) were off to new homes. I think she secretly hoped that one of each would not sell so she could keep it.  But, I told her not to worry her pretty little head, I would make her more. I always love an excuse to work my machine! 

Hope to create a little more this weekend. So many things I want to do! Hubs is brewing again tomorrow so I might have the right excuse to sew too.

♡ ąℓexąnʠяą

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