Thursday, April 4, 2013

Open Market Ideas

Little Miss V has another open market at school tomorrow. The first one she experienced was her very first Friday at her new school. We were completely unprepared for it. Having no idea what it was all about, I sent her to school with chocolate chip cookies from Whole Foods.  After her day was over, she was so anxious to tell me all about Open Market at school.  It's a day when children in 3rd grade brings in home made goods, goodies, toys they no longer play with and other little knick knacks that they want to sell for "mula".  

They earn "Mula" at school for doing good on tests, good behavior, participating in class, etc. Then, every couple of months, the children host an Open Market where they get to spend their hard earned school money.  I think it's a great way to teach children value of money, encourage good behavior and give them a chance to understand a little bit about sales. 

So it's been 2 months and this time, Miss V is going to her Open Market completely prepared. She made her little boutique an "open" sign, we made up a name for her shop and created a sign for that and she's got a lot of home made goods to try to "sell" to her classmates.

I have a bunch of scrap fabrics, juvenile fabrics that no longer interest my girls so I decided to use some of them up to help create things for the Open Market. I am sharing because I think they are cute and quick projects for all to do. And pretty simple things to put together requiring only a straight stitch and the ability to measure correctly.

Until next time, my friends, have a wonderfully creative filled day (or night!)

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