Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Little matters

The little things in life matter. Little things like a phone call from an friend. My husband learning to make a heart over the internet during one of our online chats. And a neighbor coming to introduce herself and welcome us to the neighborhood with a bumpy chocolate cake that was absolutely divine! So today, I put a little time aside to give thanks for the little things, and one way was by making my neighbor a flower brooch and a handmade card.  It was so sweet to see her smile and look genuinely happy to receive it.  Always does a soul good to make others happy.

The little man and I spent the rest of the day taking our visitor "Flat Stanley" on a tour of Kailua. Got some good photo ops of him. We even took him to the supermarket to buy some treats to send him back with.  Had some lunch, put in a workout DVD and reluctantly (VERY reluctantly) did that and then it was already time for the girls to come home from school.

It's been a quiet yet productive day. Getting little things done that have been waiting to be accomplished.  

Just wanted to write, to keep up with my goal of writing every day.

Enjoy some pics of Flat Stanley below! 

Until next time, have a creatively blessed day!


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