Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday morning solitude

There is something about waking up before the sun and the children.  The quietness, the solitude, the chance to drink a cup of coffee in peace, regroup, and plan the day.  I do hear a little bit of grunting coming from one of the rooms. I think the little man is stirring now.

It's been an eventful week! My Mom arrived, her flight was only 20 minutes late, though those 20 minutes felt like an eternity.  My little man finally stopped eating baby food and has moved on to ALL regular food diet (finally!) AND he is potty trained during the day.  We (Mom & I) picked up my car. It made it's journey over the Pacific without any incident. I got a new license, a pretty Hawaiian license, lucky me.  I got to feel like a teenager all over again because for an out of stater to get a HI license, you are required to take a written drivers test. 

I finished a piece of artwork and entered it into a Spoonflower contest for Mardis Gras.  What a wonderful support of friends I am blessed with, who vote and encourage every day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.This is my first fabric competition and I hope to do many more in the future.  It would be so wonderful to combine my loves of art and sewing. Here is a look at the fabric, if you wish to vote it is called "Mardis Gras potpourri by Quatapoch" Voting ends next Wednesday.

Our furniture, clothing, WASHER and DRYER and all my fabrics and crafty things will be delivered to the house on Tuesday. Can't express how excited I am about this! It'll be nice to get back into my routine of creating on a regular basis.

Yesterday was such a peaceful, quiet day. V was not feeling so well in the morning but with testing at school she was not to miss a day. So we opted to stay near home just in case I had to go get her early. We spent the day near the pool, with the warm sun and sweet island breeze and I sketched the day away.  Hoping to turn some of these into watercolors soon.

Well, the little ones are now up, coffee is finished time to start the day.  How amazing is it that this blog has become international! Interesting to see all the different countries that pop up on page views!

Until next time, have a blessed, creative day!

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