Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chevron Quilt, Part II

As promised, Chevron Quilt Part II.  I am officially obsessed. I have in my mind this grand plan to make everyone in my family some sort of quilted item! By Christmas!! LOL.  That probably wont happen but I'll still believe that I can.

With the help of an amazing tutorial found here on how to piece a chevron quilt together, I garnered up enough courage to make my first ever quilt.  I machine and hand stitched the binding.  I'm very proud of this quilt and I have already started cutting squares for a matching sham to go with it.  Looking back, a few things I would do differently:

  • I did enjoy watching the rows of chevron come together but I think I would wait until I have all the squares cut out before piecing this together OR pay better attention to my seam allowance as all the squares did not match up perfectly.  The chevrons definitely matched up but for some reason, the squares did not.
  • I would machine sew the binding on the back side and hand stitch it on the design side.  I like the way the hand stitched binding looks over the machine stitch.  This quilt I attached the binding with my machine on the design side. Though it does look nice, I prefer the look of the binding on the back side.
  • I would definitely make sure to have extra back fabric over ALL sides.  This quilt, I lacked extra fabric on the right side of the quilt and once I stitched the chevron design through all 3 layers, I actually had to trim down the sides because there was not enough back fabric all the way to the edge.
  • Finally, I would pin even more than I did before "quilting" because on my very last row there are 2 small areas where the back fabric puckered (ugh!)
hand stitching the binding took a while but it was very much a zen like process

All in all, this experience helped build my confidence in quilting.  I just want to make more and more! It was very much a "zen" like process.  It took patience to complete.  It took some strength to pull myself away when I realized I had been working too many hours and was starting to notice imperfections.  Sometimes walking away from the project for the night is a good thing.  And it would be nice to start again after a refreshing night of sleep, a few hours at the beach, and some play time with the kids.

Thank you Nicole, for putting your tutorial out there for everyone to enjoy! And thank you for helping me build the courage to finish something I have long wanted to accomplish :)

                                                                                     ♡ ąlexąnʠяą

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