Thursday, July 25, 2013

Paper Fun, Simple Envelope Tutorial & Scrapbooking

I have so many things swirling around my brain that I want to make.  Sometimes I just have to do something quick and little to help quench my creative jumble for a little while.  This morning I decided to make an envelope tutorial, mostly pictures. Super easy and very chic when complete. I'm going to use this to put extra pictures in for a scrapbook in the making.

For the scrapbook in the making, I used a normal 3 ring binder (found in abundance at the stores these days because of Back to School shopping!)  I am currently in the process of creating the cover, need to do a little bit of inspiration searching to complete it. But hey, at least I started the first part of the process! I did sew it, now I just need to design it.  I've attached very small snippets of what is in the scrapbook from scratch, once it's gifted I'll show bigger better pictures.  Not a scrapbook in the complete sense but more of a scrapbook, photo album mixed with art book.  I love the new process of doodling on scrapbook pages. I think it adds a sweet dimension of creativity.

Anyway, the scrapbook will be gifted soon and my plan (though I'm not always good at following through with my plans!) is to add pages to it as I develop pictures..or for holiday/birthday specials.  We'll see how good I do. I have the best intentions though.

And finally, my brother and his beautiful Fiance` are getting married in September and I've been working on a cover for them.  Just a little bit more to go and then it'll be complete.

Until next time, have a wonderfully creative day!

Some funky craft paper, glue, an envelope and a pen 

 Carefully open up the envelope, and outline it on your craft paper...excuse the nail polish, my 8 year old daughter gave me a "manicure." 

 Trace it and then cut

 Time to fold, sides first....

 Bottom's UP!

 Add a little bit of glue....

 Seal and it's ready to go!

................The Scrapbook from scratch, peak below!...............

Searching for inspiration to decorate this cover. I want it to be whimsical, artsy and fun.


  1. OMG these are stunning, gorgeous details and colors.
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    1. Aww, thank you so much Anna. I appreciate you checking out my blog and leaving a comment! :)