Monday, July 22, 2013

Strips and Strips and a tiny little star: Adventures in learning to piece and quilt.

I really haven't had much opportunity to create over the weekend so I was anxious to try something this morning.  I wanted to figure out how to create a tiny little center star using strips.  The outcome is not too shabby but I definitely need work on keeping my lines straight through-out.  I also think that the star will need to be a bit bigger next time around because when I finished up the block, not all triangles were the same size.

So I started out with 6 6" squares (you are only going to need 4 groups, with this you've actually made an extra 2 groups which I haven't yet figured out what to do with them.)  I cut each of them into 6" x 1" strips and then separated them into different groups.  I then cut 4 1" squares.  I attached the 1" squares on one 6" x 1" strip from each group, all going in the same direction, basically the same way you would make binding strips.  Cut the extra fabric off, pressed and then started attaching all the strips.

The strip that has the triangle should always be the bottom. I attached each 6" x 1" strip until 6 were attached, then I would do the same for the rest of the groups.

Pressed, remeasured and cut, lined up the center star and started attaching the blocks.

Once that was all done, I pressed again, and cut off the excess fabric. Put that aside and added it to the border.  I'm not sure that I would recommend using my measurements as my star is off, if you have advise I would love to hear it.  Anyway, pictures of my process. Another block complete for my sample Twin quilt.

Until next time friends, have a beautiful day!


started off making 6 (you'll only need 4)  groups of 1" x 6" strips  and 4 1" squares.
I attached the 1" squares on one strip from each group, I attached it as if making binding.

trimmed the excess fabric

I pressed each strip in the same direction

Then I started making my blocks, make sure you stitch on the 90 degree angle side

Pressed each group and then measured and straightened the blocks to attach to one another.

You can see my star is off a bit, I think it is just that one triangle on the damask fabric that is off though.

All attached, trimmed into a nice square, used the excess fabric for the border, see below.

Used the excess fabric to make accent the border here.  Need a lot more practice to get my lines straight!

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