Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flower Bouquets and Stars of Triangles, adventures in crafting and quilting

Very productive day here in the B household! Decluttered a little, worked on an order and completed another square for my next Twin size quilt.

First on my list was a bunch of peony flowers for what will be 2 bridal bouquets.  Early morning, before opening all the windows, kids were still sleeping and I had the opportunity to sit, cut my satin fabrics and start singeing away at the satin to make some peony flowers. Looked over my shoulder and saw the most beautiful rainbow.  I was able to assemble a few of the peony flowers but the winds picked up too much and kept blowing out my candle quite literally! So, I have put that on hold until the wind calms again. Perhaps tomorrow morning.  I do love how it is coming together and I hope to figure out the handle to this bouquet.  If I do, I might even post a tutorial on making your own bouquet of flowers.

Next on my list was completing another block for the quilt.  I received my new copy of Simply Retro today and I saw a sampling of a star quilt and thought that I needed that block design for one of the parts to my next quilt.  So I cut out 54 triangles and pieced this start together. I'll show more progress pics as I go along. Enjoy!


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