Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pinwheels and Pigtails

Not to worry friends, I'm still crafting away but my latest project will probably take some time. I am creating another quilt, twin size, made from blocks of pinwheels. So far, I have 5 pinwheels complete and I'm very happy with how the squares are matching up.  Measure...remeasure, and remeasure again, that is my tip! I hope to make a few blocks a day...between having fun with the kiddos, meals and daily chores and errands. Put a little time aside yesterday, to gather matching fabrics that would go well for this blanket. Follow along to watch this blanket progress.

In the mean time, found a cute little blog about "fancy hair" and had to give it a try on 2 precious little girls this morning.  Until next time, have a beautiful creatively filled day!

                                                                  ♡ ąlexąnʠяą

Messy ribbon updo

Old fashion gathered braids

my loves

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