Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hawaiian Quilt throw size

As I said before, I do believe I am obsessed with all things quilt. My oldest daughter, after seeing Miss M's blanket, wants a quilt of her own.  We went out to look for fabrics, get some batting, and I happened to glance over at a bin while shopping at Fabric Mart.  I saw a bunch of scrap fabric charm packs and I thought what a cool blanket it would make. And so, my next creative venture formed in my head.  My goal, to make a throw size quilt with Hawaiian fabrics. Essentially, this will become a little part of Hawaii that we take with us when we leave.  It is actually for my husband and it's the perfect size for him to wrap up in...He said it'll follow him where ever he goes. When he's back on a ship, it'll follow him there too.

I am even more pleased with the way this quilt turned out.  My twin size, I love it, but I was not happy with how the squares did not match up completely and the top stitching was hard to accomplish at times. This time around, I was looking at long arms on and I saw a "what others bought" listing for a certain presser foot for the sewing machine.  I used an open toe foot...the ones that use for applique I believe. It worked perfectly for me. The twin quilt I used a walking foot which is supposed to feed the fabric evenly.  I do believe it does however, because of the large back of the foot, I find it hard to maneuver my fabric and I found that frustrating. With the open toe foot, my fabric fed through the machine much easier, did not pucker, I was able to better gauge the placing of the stitch, and made the process much more enjoyable.

I switched the binding around, I machine stitched it to the back side and hand stitched it to the front. Overall, the stitching on the front was much more even this time. I still have to perfect that binding stitch, I'm not sure you are supposed to see as much of the thread as my quilts show.

Enjoy the pictures! I am sure there will be MANY more pictures of quilted items to come soon.



  1. This is stunning! I hear you about squares not matching up; I have such a hard time with that. That's why I only do very small projects:)

    1. Thank you so much Bobbi! I'm hoping with practice, lining up the squares will be easier.

      I'm totally honored that you stopped by my blog. I love your blog and follow you on FB as well.