Sunday, March 10, 2013

A lesson learned

Last week, while enjoying my morning coffee, checking my email, perusing the internet, I happened across this beautiful ruffled skirt and I thought, "how perfectly feminine, and gorgeous. It would make a really cute bag!"  Well, I drew out my design idea first.

With the rain coming down at a steady pace, 3 children at home, and my hubs gone, I decided what a perfect day to be creative. So I pulled out my drawing and started mapping my path on fabric.   I posted a picture on Facebook for my friends to try to guess what I was in the process of making.
Stacey guessed correctly but I'd definitely say Katie & Kate had some neat ideas. Perhaps next time around I'll make this into an apron.   I ended up with a crossbody backpack. My first try it's "eh" I like how the ruffles turned out but there is plenty wrong with it that makes it not marketable until the kinks are ironed out, literally.

My issues:
  • No interfacing next time around. It made a bag that is supposed to be breeze and free, too stiff.
  • Figure out the ruffles at the box stitch, the ruffles missed the stitching and now I'll have to hand-stitch them in place now.
  • Use a different closure, though the drawstring might be OK if I don't use interfacing next time.
  • Maybe instead of making a backpack I'll make a shoulder bag.
  • Celtic knot didn't turn out like my instructions said it would. Boo!
Without further adieu, the pictures of my sewing flop below! :)  Until next time, have an amazing, creative afternoon (night, early morning!)                 

                           ♡ ąℓexąnʠяą



the bag finished, the ruffles were the best part of it all
The interior

The drawstring, this nylon rope doesn't work well with interfaced fabric

The Celtic knot started out on the right foot, or some I thought!
The "Celtic" knots that just turned out to look like a regular knot

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