Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Soaring High

 I've been so inspired by the music of The Piano Guys this morning. I would love to see them in concert some day but it doesn't appear that Hawaii is in their schedule for quite some time. Their music just gives you a sense of freedom, and passion. I wanted to recreate those feelings this morning and I thought a little bit of artwork on fabric might help express those feelings.  Took out my fabric, my paints, my pens and went to work.

I came up with a dragonfly zippered clutch. I used the colors of spring, the colors of hope and inspiration. Diluting the paints a bit I was able to get a watercolor and dye sort of effect.  I just cut the fabric and see what it turns into after the design. It ended up being a 7.5" x 11" x 2" clutch.

V is sitting at the table creating her own design now. A sweet little bird on one side, flying away on the other side. I'll share pictures when she is finished.  And now, I need to prepare for a fun crafty afternoon with friends.  So until tomorrow, have a beautiful afternoon, evening, night, where ever these words should be expressing themselves in this world.

Ready to create, coffee, paints, pens and a bit of warm sun shine seeping in.

 The design and the color.

The finished product

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