Thursday, March 28, 2013

Anchors Away

It felt good to have a little bit of art time and a little bit of sewing time today. I came up with a new sketch for another zippered something, tote, pouch, clutch? Haven't decided yet.  But, I think the sketched bird is going to look very cute once I finish him up on some fabric. 

Today, though, I concentrated my efforts on an anchor slouchy tote. I've had this anchor in my mind, I have wanted to try it on a chevron piece for a while. I sketched out my vision, fingers crossed that it would turn out something like my vision.

Got the girls off to school, not without incident. Miss M. forgot her homework at home and we had to make a mad dash back home to find it.  Once the little and I got back, I got him all settled and we worked together on some art. Me with my paints and fabric, him with the markers and paper.

You'll see my new zipper install that I love! Anyone want a tutorial on it? I'm sure there are a bunch of tutorials out there about it. I absolutely LOVE how finished it looks with that little added rectangle of fabric.

Anyway, tomorrow is brew day for hubs. He's been waiting ever so patiently for his first day of "creative" play for months now.

So enjoy my picture process and be sure to leave a comment if there is a tutorial you'd like me to put together for you.

Have a wonderful evening, my friends!
♡ ąℓexąnʠяą

 The start to the design. First penciled in, then I used a black fabric marker to make it more bold and then the acrylic paints.

The completed anchor, heat set and ready for some sewing magic!

Here, I've installed the zipper on one side and you can see the rectangle of fabric that I've been talking about. When you attach all the sides, you either let that area go upwards in the stitch or downwards, and your finished product is much more professional looking.

I wanted to add a touch of femininity so I took some funky Batik paisley fabric and made a large bow. It looks off in this picture because I had it pinned down so as not to interfere with my zipper stitching.

I pieced everything all together and then it was time to decide on the handles. My lovely friends Paurenia and Lori, on QJB suggested rope and I was thinking right along the same lines.  So I got out my rope that has been packaged up ever so neatly and got to work on the handles.

I wanted a strong stitch but I didn't want to knot it and have that bulky somewhat unsightly look so I thought, why not a macrame knot for a more finished appearance, and strong hold too.  Tapered off the macrame and braided to the other side so it's comfortable on the shoulders.

The final product was together and ready for pictures and ready to be listed to the world on Etsy.  

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