Thursday, March 7, 2013

The White Tiger

Family-isms make my day,

Started my day off in a moody-tude sort of way.  My husband "talked" my mood away with his cute little texts, I especially liked his perspective on how an ugly personality can amplify negative tendencies.

Had a chance to meet up with a friend from Japan, chatted craft and family stuff, enjoyed the Hawaiian fresh air, nice to have a small break from the daily routine.

My oldest daughter told me I was as rare as a White Tiger. She said that was a good thing. I suspect it had something to do with having breakfast for dinner instead of being forced to eat brussel sprouts and green beans.  She also made me this beautiful watercolor of a Hibiscus plant. It's my new inspirational piece in my creative zone.

My youngest daughter knew I had an awful headache, she sat on the couch with me and tried to rub my headache away.

And my little guy kissed each side of my cheeks while we chatted and face-timed with my husband online, each time he kissed my cheek he glanced at his daddy slyly and made us giggle. 

I will treasure these little things, little memories made on days that don't start off quite right.

 ♡ ąℓexąnʠяą

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