Friday, March 8, 2013

The perfect Friday...almost

Almost the perfect Friday afternoon.  The kiddos got outside to expunge some of their energy in the swimming pool. I watched them as they splashed and giggled, the girls chasing their brother in the water, my little guy chasing his sisters with the long tube-y floaty thing and a slight breeze across our faces.

The fun moved in doors.  Sometimes I love to sit and work on my orders with music, other days I just like to sit in the quietness of the moment and work on my projects.  Today was a quiet sitting day.  The girls made their way to their bedrooms, the little guy found his big book of dinosaurs and sat on the floor right next to my chairs. And me with my beads and string, sat and worked on the Preserve II.  The sun was shining in, the breeze sweeping through and the birds chirping so beautifully. The only thing missing?  My husband, if he was here it would have been the most perfect afternoon.

Only 2 more weeks to go, but who's counting!

Until tomorrow my creative friends,

                      ♡ ąℓexąnʠяą

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