Monday, March 18, 2013

Angelic Abstract

My Mom came to visit us in Hawaii for 1 month. She's a full time artist in New England and I absolutely adore all of her work. Being that Hawaii is beyond inspirational in every way imaginable, she came equipped with paints, brushes and rolled canvas.   She left me this beautiful Angelic Abstract and it's been sitting, staring at me daily, calling for me to do SOMETHING with it.  She and I talked about collaborating with a tote bag project. Today, I decided it was time to tackle this project, just in time for her birthday.

I whipped out some interior fabric options, rotary cutter, cutting board, and the painting itself and I just started measuring and cutting.  My fear were the handles. I felt if I used the interior fabric, it would take away from the painting. The neutral fabrics I have well the fibers did not match up in my opinion. So I sat on the floor and thought, what do I do?  As I looked around my sewing area, what do I see but another rolled canvas that I have been using as my picture backdrops. LIGHTBULB!

Cut up 2 handles from that canvas and then I went to work.  I'm so excited with how this turned out. It is 15 1/2" wide, 16 1/2" high, 4" deep and the handle drop is 8".  The canvas is heavy duty 15oz. triple treated and painted with acrylics. It's such a fun piece.

I'm sending it back to Massachusetts for possible gallery exposure and maybe we'll have a Mom and Daughter art boutique soon!  Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming!!

One more thing of business....Announcing the winner of the Jewelry Catch-all: LISA G. Lisa, I'll be contacting you for address info today. Congrat's and I hope you love your new piece!! I loved the participation in the giveaway and I'll be hosting another real soon.  Just make sure to follow along on threads & pencils for details.  

So until next time friends, have a creatively wonderful day!  And don't forget to check out the beautiful works of artist: Nella Lush she is a highly respected artist in New England and featured at several galleries throughout New England.

♡ ąℓexąnʠяą  

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