Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fully Aware

The girls have gone off to school. Fletcher is sitting contently at the table with his breakfast. Here I am sitting with my cup of coffee, looking for a facebook page that provoked thoughts within me yesterday. I found the page through my uncle and had to go back and look at it this morning. The page is Gungor.

I saw a quote, an excerpt of the authors book and instead of just sharing the quote I decided to delve a little deeper. The book is: "The Crowd, The Critic, and The Muse" It seems like a must read for artists of all forms.  Michael talks about his younger years as a musician and a pivotal time. He was forced to take a break from his guitar, and that month long hiatus helped him regroup, prioritize and remember the reason he started playing in the first place, away from the stage and the spotlight.  He talked about really being, really listening, and fully engaging in that passion of our craft.

I read these words and I think about my almost 2 month hiatus from my crafting.  Before our move, I think my energy staled a bit. Perhaps it was because I was trying to please too many people. Maybe it was the stress of a huge cross-country, middle of the Pacific Ocean move sucking the energy from my being. But what I can say, is that my 2 months off from my crafting loves helped me to appreciate them more so than ever.  The pause in my creative life helped me to really listen to my inner voice and rediscover the love I have in manipulating textiles into what my mind envisions. As I have been sitting at my sewing machine recently, I watch in awe as the needle meets the bobbin and creates a perfect stitch.  I am thrilled at the way one iridescent bead shines against the muted seed. And I watch in utter amazement at the possibilities of color, the transfer between brush and paper, how it seeps into the grooves, adds dimension, and comes alive.

I feel fully aware, I am listening to my creative dream, I am happy I was forced to take a pause so I can fully experience the thrill of creating again.

And now, I'm off to buy the entire book to read from cover to cover. Until tomorrow, my friends, may you find and listen to your inner passion with all of your sense!

♡ ąℓexąnʠяą

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